How can Euler Hermes credit insurance solutions help medium- and large-sized companies succeed?

Easily policy management

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Credit insurance helps you grow your business safely and profitably, reducing the risk and potential damage caused by a sudden insolvency of your customers.

By managing a credit insurance policy effectively, your credit managers can deliver a range of benefits including:
  • Maintaining profitability
  • Controlling outstanding expenses
  • Minimizing administrative costs
  • Improving budget forecast accuracy
  • Having a clearer view of customer and prospect risks
  • Securing better short-term financing terms from banks.


 Your sales teams also benefit through:
  • Focusing their time on leads that present a better and safer business opportunity 
  • Creating and leveraging longer-term relationships with clients
  • Greater visibility of the credit-worthiness of existing customers when accepting new orders

How do Euler Hermes credit insurance solutions work?

Euler Hermes credit insurance solutions include:
  • Trade credit – Flexible international trade credit insurance solutions to protect you from the risk of non-payment
  • Worldwide risk monitoring – Our unique proprietary worldwide risk information database helps you make the best-informed decisions about the companies with whom you work
  • Experienced risk experts - Our network of risk experts located in over 98 risk offices means we’re closer to your operations and have a deeper understanding of your business
  • Domistic collection service In the GCC region, Euler Hermes can facilitate using a reliable third party debt collection agency, which is a common business practice when resolving late payments.
  • Debt collection can be difficult, especially in overseas markets; it's always best to act quickly and with the help of trained and experienced collectors.
  • Internatioinal collection service Collecting from export debtors can be especially difficult due to location, time zone and language barriers.
  • At Euler Hermes we take the worry out of collecting from overseas debtors, through our worldwide collection service.
  • Economic research - Our in-house economists constantly analyze economic trends to give you insights to support your business needs
    Online solutions - You save time and improve risk management efficiency by using our online solutions and specifically our online customer portal EOLIS. 


In addition to EOLIS, our clients can subscribe to optional online services:
  • EH SmartView is Euler Hermes' secure online risk monitoring tool that gives you direct access to exclusive market knowledge for your portfolios through a wide range of risk reports. 
  • Through it's data-driven resources and reports, SmartView allows you to accurately review client risk and capture growth opportunities. With one seamless interface and data refreshed daily, risk monitoring has never been easier.