Welcome to the Euler Hermes Customer Issuing Certificate Authority (EH CICA)

The EH CICA forms foundation of trust for our PKI infrastructure by exercising a stringent process of authentication prior to providing certificates as a technical basis for:
  • Secure E-Mail 
  • Client Authentication
Thus, Euler Hermes CICA stands for secure communications and safe transmission of sensible data over the web.
The CPS governs the use of EH CICA services within EH and its participation in Allianz Group Root CA schema.

The document is supplemented by internal (i.e. non public) operational policy documents providing step-by-step instructions for EH employees, and external (i.e. public) documents (i.e. customers, partners etc).
Operations are designed to be conformant with the guidelines of Allianz Group Root CA for intermediate CAs. The statements in this CPS are binding for the work of EH CICA, as legal requirements are not affected. EH CICA issues certificates solely according to the rules in this CPS.
> EH CICA CPS v1.3 from 26 January 2010 (pdf, 213K)
Terms and Conditions
If you wish to rely on a certificate issued by EH CICA you must agree to the terms and conditions. These can be downloaded here:
how to obtain your free Certificate from EH CICA?
Following the below link, you will find a detailed description of how to obtain your Certificate.
How to backup your private key?

To avoid the possible loss of important data, we strongly recommend you to backup your private key! An instruction for doing so can be found here:
How to import the Certificate into Lotus Notes?
Since Lotus Notes doesn’t have access to the Microsoft Windows Certificate Store, you have to import your Certificate manually. To do so you need to have a backup file of your private key.

You will find a detailed description of the import in the following file.
What to do in case of a possible key compromise?

If you may have any grounds to suspect your certificate has been compromised, you should demand its revocation asap. For this purpose, a template which contains all relevant information can be downloaded below. Of course you may then apply for a new free certificate!
Root certificate of EH CICA

In order to enable your e-mail software to check the validity of your certificate, you need to install the root certificate of Allianz Group Root CA, as well as the intermediate CA certificate of EH CICA. In general, these are installed automatically during the certificate application process.