How can Euler Hermes meet the specific needs of your small company?

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Credit insurance solutions are not only designed for larger businesses.
Regardless of turnover size, protecting your business from the risk of non-payment is essential. With credit insurance, you can protect both current and future cash flows as well as your profits and concentrate on what you do best: running your business.

Smaller businesses often have resource constraints and specific needs. Your business is your priority and you need clear, practical and easy-to-use solutions.
You may think that credit insurance is too costly or difficult to manage. You may think that self-insurance is a better alternative. But this is rarely the case.
Our experts have designed solutions that specifically address the needs of smaller businesses. These solutions are:
  • Easy-to-understand, set up and administer
  • Provide the degree of protection that small businesses demand
  • Deliver true ‘peace of mind’ against the risk of non-payment
  • Enable you to benefit from our global network of risk expertise
  • Help you to continue growing your business.
  • We can be a partner in your company’s future success.


How can a Euler Hermes dedicated solution support your small business strategy?


A customized credit insurance policy benefits your business when:

  • You need to preserve profitability
  • You want to take on new business and be certain you will be paid
  • You want to continuously track the financial situation and creditworthiness of existing and potential customers
  • You need detailed information about commercial risk 
  • Your business environment is highly competitive and you need a strong and stable AA- rated partner
  • You are thinking about expanding operations domestically and/or around the world

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