This is my first time using EOLIS. What do I need to get started?

If this is your first time accessing EOLIS you will need:

  • In-force policy,
  • An user-id and a password.

Where do I get a User ID and a password?

You may contact a member of your Euler Hermes service team to obtain your User ID and Password. You can also call the Euler Hermes Helpdesk. Just remember to have the following handy:

  • First and last name,
  • Email address,
  • Euler Hermes policy number,
  • Inception date.

​Why don’t I see the sign-in window?

Most likely, your pop-up blocker is on. You will need to change your pop-up blocker settings to allow EOLIS to start.

  • In your web browser, go to Tools- Pop-up blocker -Pop-up blocker settings and type in www.eulerhermes.com/eolis
  • For technical assistance, please contact your IT department or the Euler Hermes Helpdesk. 

Why do I keep getting an error message when trying to log in?

​Make sure you are entering the correct user id and password.  If you have forgotten your password click on “Forgotten your password” and follow the instructions. Upon completion a new password will be emailed instantaneously to the address on file.

​I followed the “Forgotten password” instructions. Why haven’t I receive my new password?

The password is sent by an automated system. Most likely, your email has mistaken it for SPAM and blocked it from your inbox. Please check your SPAM folder and/or contact your IT administrator to allow all emails from @eulerhermes.com. 

If you are still unable to retrieve your password, the Euler Hermes helpdesk can give it over the phone – for verification and security purposes, please have your policy number and inception date handy.

​I clicked on the “Remember Login Information” check box. Why wasn’t my password saved?

For security reasons, your password cannot be bookmarked.

Can I share my EOLIS credentials with a colleague?

​For security and tracking purposes, we recommend that each EOLIS user obtains their own login credentials. EOLIS is able to restrict access to “read-only” for multiple-user policies. 

​Where are my policies?

When you log onto EOLIS for the first time, you will be navigated to the Welcome Page. There, you will see “My Policy List”. Click edit to add your applicable policy(ies) to the list and click “Save”.  If you still don’t see all of your policies, please contact a member of your service team or the EH Helpdesk. 

​I have multiple policies. Do I need multiple User ID’s and passwords to acess them?

No matter how many policies you have, you will have only one user id and password. Once you log in you may view your policy list in its entirety by clicking on the select a policy link on the welcome page. You may also use the “my policy list section” on the welcome page to create quick links to the five policies you use the most. 

​How do I know which policy I am working on?

There are two ways:

  1. the policy name and number will appear in dark red in the upper right corner and,
  2. a green check mark will be present next to the policy under “My policy list”.

​How do I use the “My Bookmarks” section?

This is a place where you can quickly access up to 6 of your most frequently used functions. Simply click on “edit” and add the appropriate links. These can be changed anytime by removing and then adding additional functions. 

​I have a request pending on the Welcome screen, why can’t I click on it?

This is because that particular buyer was entered manually and is awaiting validation. Please contact a member of your Euler Hermes Helpdesk for assistance.

​Why do I keep getting a pop-up that says, “For security reasons, you will be disconnected in 60 seconds”?

For your protection, the EOLIS system will close after 10 minutes of inactivity. This follows standard Internet security practices. To stay active please click Continue or simply perform some functions.

​Why won’t the system accept my new password?

For security purposes there are some rules you must follow when you create a new password. They are as follows:

  • Must be at least 8 characters
  • Can not include your first or last name
  • Must be different from your previous password
  • Must contain upper and lower case letters and numerals (Example: Test123 or User9876)

​My email address has changed. How do I edit my contact information?

You can change your email address and any of your contact information from the upper left hand corner of the welcome page in the “edit my personal information” link. 

​I need a copy of my policy endorsement. Can I find that in EOLIS?

You can find a copy of your policy language and endorsements in the Policy Administration / My Policy Documents /Document library section of EOLIS.

​A Credit Manager from my department just retired. Do I need to update anything in the EOLIS system?

In the Policy Administration / Contacts section you will not only see contact information for your Euler Hermes EOLIS service team but will also see who else in your company has access to your policy. For security reason if someone leaves the company or moves to another positionyou may want to revoke a user’s access. To do so, please contact a member of your Euler Hermes service team.